Student, Citizen, Soldier is decade long collaboration between Salem State University Professor Andrew Darien, campus veterans, and oral history students. The goal of this ongoing project is to raise the visibility of student veterans and document their varied backgrounds, journeys, and perspectives as students, citizens, and soldiers.  The interviews serve as community dialogues that follow student veterans from enlistment to boot camp to deployment and back to civilian life.   Related topics include recruitment, camaraderie, combat, war and politics, gender and race in the military, civilian transition, the traumas of war, PTSD and mental health. In addition to the dozens of SSU veteran interviewees, the project was made possible through the following contributors:

Graduate Research Assistants:  Marilyn Albert, Amanda Prouty, Erik Bauer

Web Design:  Justin Snow

Design Consulting: Roopika Risam

Videography:  Ronald Rodriguez, Jay Catoggio

Director of Veterans Affairs: Samuel Ohannesian

Graduate Interviewers and Transcribers:  Julie Cafarella, Michael Crowe, Louis DelGaudio, Ryan Gill, Priscilla Herrington, Kendell Inglese, Kellie Leavitt, Daniel Merhalski. Robert Rozzi, Rebecca Saunders, Hans Schwartz

Undergraduate Interviewers and Transcribers:  Ashley Adams, Eric Adrien, Geoffrey Auffinger, Katharine Bittenbinder, Danielle Bright, Stephen Brosnan, Zhane Burton, Samantha Bryson. Dawn Allen-Carson, Theresa Conley, Rachel Emelock, Joseph Franke. Eleanore Gateman, Jeremie Gursky, Leslie Josey, Michael Kabongo, Melissa Kowalik Thomas Landers, Christine Liu, Sarah McDonald. Richard McElhinney, Christopher Mohn, Tiffani Monique, Michael Palantano, Jennifer Petz. Meghan Pipp, Michael Rowe, Aliah Santos, Laura Sinawski, Michael Schlicting, Caroline Schumacher, Rachel Sherman, Jeffrey Spencer, Judith Valentine, Aries Wigfall, William Winn